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Mon,29 Oct 2018
Fri,29 Sep 2017
World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September annually to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. NMA is one of the active organizations devoted for the promotion of mountain tourism worldwide, therefore, actively associates with tourism promotion . .
Wed,01 Nov 2017
Tue,05 Feb 2013
NMA organized various programs on the occasion of  8th anniversary of International Mountain Museum (IMM) on 5 Feb 2011. The program began with worshiping program conducted at Lakhang by Lakhang committee headed by Mr. Hari Dhoj Tulachan. IMM was officially inaugurated on 4 Feb 2004.On the same occasion, IIIrd Climbing Wall Competit . .
Sun,05 Jun 2011

NMA is actively involved in setting guidelines and enforce the means to protect the mountain environment and to discourage haphazard tourism activities. NMA organizes various environment clean-up campaigns organized on Environment Day on 5 June to generate public awareness about environment.

Mon,23 May 2011
Veteran mountaineer Mr. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal made first successful ascent on the tenth highest peak of the world Mt. Annapurna on 3 June 1950. The ascent of Mt. Annapurna hold special importance since it was the first ever successful ascent on the mountain of 8000m in the history of mankind. Therefore, NMA celebrates 3 June as Anna . .
Mon,23 May 2011

Basic Mountaineering Course is carried annually in June intended for the mountaineers to equip them with new techniques and methodology on mountaineering and rescue activities.

Sun,01 Nov 2015
Kumar Khadga Bikram Adventurous Award: Kumar Khadga is the founder President of NMA. His tenure as President of NMA was from 1993- 1970. He is one of the great academicians and had deep interest in mountain and mountaineering. He also led successfully as General Leader of Tri-nation (Nepal, Japan and China) Everest Expedition 1990. His contribution . .
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