Honorary Members

NMA can grant Honorary Members to any national or foreign nationals on the basis of the evaluation of his involvement in NMA activities and outstanding contribution in the promotion of mountaineering, mountain tourism and mountaineering environment. The membership must be approved by the Central General Assembly.


Name of Members Reg no. P.O.Box & Address Phone Fax website Email
Alex Kunaber 10        
Ang Dorjee Sherpa 4        
Ang Tshering Sherpa 6        
Edmund Hillary 8        
Elizabeth Hawley 2        
Junko Tabei 9        
Kajuo Kaneko 14        
Mike Cheny 1        
Mingma Sherpa 5        
Reinhold Messner 7        
Ryutaro Hashimoto 12        
Sungdare Sherpa 3        
Takashi 13        
Tenzing Norgay Sherpa 11        
  Total (14)