Nepal Mountaineering Association was established on 1 November 1973 (2030 Kartik 16) Thursday. It is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization working as a national alpine association of Nepal to promote mountain tourism, climbing sports, protect mountain environments and preserve and promote cultural heritage of mountain people. It is the only national alpine club authorized to issue climbing permits for 27 mountain peaks of Nepal.




Ojectives of NMA

  • Make mountaineering & trekking popular amongst Nepalese people.
  • Generate public interest towards mountaineering.
  • Conduct various activities to promote Nepalese Mountains.
  • Support the work to benefit professional climbers and individuals involved in mountaineering
    and develop mountain climbing skills & efficiencies.
  • Protect the Nepalese mountain & natural beauties and environment of mountain areas.
  • Co-ordinate and organize Nepalese climbing teams, conduct mountain climbing campaigns
    and other activities related to mountaineering.
  • Assist & advice concerned authorities in formulating conducive policies & increase mountaineering activities.
  • Obtain national & international recognition to Nepal Mountaineering Association.
  • Train Nepalese & Foreigners for mountaineering & Rescue operation & establish training centre.
  • Encourage more foreign mountaineering teams to climb mountains in Nepal.
  • Upgrade, operate and manage International Mountain Museum.
  • Establish and develop International Mountaineers' Memorial Park.
  • Adhere to Tourism Act & mountaineering regulations mentioned in the Act.
  • Keep cordial relationship with regional & international institutions related to Mountaineering,
    Himalayan environment and sports climbing.
  •  Promote and preserve cultural heritage of local mountain people.
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