Mountaineering Disaster Relief and Educational Support Fund Committee.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is deeply committed to working for the welfare of mountaineering expedition workers, their families and communities. Following the loss of the lives of 16 climbing Sherpas on Mt. Everest in the avalanche that occurred on 18 April 2014, the NMA has been working to provide support for the families directly affected by this tragedy and also create a long-term, sustainable way to assist Nepalese affected by all mountaineering incidents in the future.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) of the Government of Nepal has directly tasked the NMA with ensuring that the families of the climbing Sherpas who died on 18 April are provided adequate support; in particular, MoCTCA has requested that the NMA ensure the education of the children of these mountaineers continues without any interruption.

With the clear need for an official response system to provide support for all victims of mountaineering accidents in Nepal in mind, the NMA has established the Mountaineering Disaster Relief and Educational Support (MDRES) Fund, which received approval from the Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women, Social Welfare and Children, Government of Nepal on 23 July 2014 (2071-04-07) R.N. 0172 – 071/072.

The MDRES fund has already received generous support from Mr. Ken Noguchi - Chairman of SSASS (Seven Summit Action for Sustainable Society) and SSASS family, Seven Summits Foundation, Nepalese Nurses American Association and Non Residence Nepalese Association, Japan Mountain Guide Association, New Zealand High Commission; Dr. In-Jeoung Lee, the President of the Union of Asian Alpine Association (UAAA); Mr. Pierre Humbhet, President of Mountaineering Commission of UIAA Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa - Chairman of Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd Ciwec Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal; Japanese national Mr. Tokinosuke Sugimoto; Honorary Nepalese Consul General of Slovenia, Mr. Thakur Raj Panday - General Secretary of Nepal Mountaineering Associatio; Australian Himalayan Foundation; Korean Alpine Club; Deepanjali Subba; Mekong Organisation for Mankind; Korean Alpine Federation; Weledel Geleerde; UAAA; Chinese Taipei Alpine Association; Mr. James & Mrs. Dorothy Corbin from the USA and Mr. O.Joan Knowles. The Nepal Mountaineering Association has also contributed directly to the Fund.

Himalayan Trust Support's Scholarship for the Children of  Mount Everest Avalanche Victims on 18th April 2014
Himalayan Trust founded by late Sir Edmund Hillary has a long history in providing scholarships for thedeserving students from Solukhumbu district to pursue higher studies after schooling, financed by Himalayan Trust New Zealand, Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Canada, American Himalayan Foundation, Hillary Foundation USA and Himalayan Trust UK and Benoit Chamoux Foundation.

The donors of the Himalayan Trust Nepal have raised funds after the Mt. Everest tragedy of April 2014 with long commitment to support the education of the children.

To ensure that every mountain expedition related victims’ children get opportunity of good education and to avoid duplication, the Nepal Mountaineering Association, under its framework has maintained profiles of each deserving children and requested the Himalayan Trust to support some of the children under its scholarships program.

The NMA would like to thank Himalayan Trust for supporting the children of deceased Sherpa mountaineering workers for many years in Solukhumbu District in Nepal.

Similarly, also NMA would like to thank "AAI-Sherpa Education Fund, USA" for supporting the children of the climbing Sherpas who loss their lives on Mt. Everest in the avalances that occurred on 18 April 2014.

A 19-member committee has been formed under the convenership of Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of NMA. The committee includes NMA members, Nepal Government representatives and associate members from related organizations:

  1. Convener :  Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa – President of NMA
  2. Member:     Mr. Santbir Lama – 1st VP of NMA
  3. Member:     Mr. Deebas Bikram Shah – 2nd VP of NMA
  4. Member:     Mr. Thakur Raj Pande – General Secretary of NMA
  5. Member:     Mr. Rajendraman Shrestha – Secretary of NMA
  6. Member:     Mr. Tika Ram Gurung  – Treasurer of NMA
  7. Member:     Mr. Ram Prasad Sapkota – Chief of Mountaineering Section, MoCTCA, Gov. of Nepal
  8. Member:     Mr. Dr. Nima Namgyal Sherpa – Executive member of NMA
  9. Member:     Mr. Dawa Gelje Sherpa – Executive member of NMA
  10. Member:     Miss. Chhurim Sherpa – Executive member of NMA
  11. Member:     Mr. Pertemba Sherpa  – Renowned Mountaineer and IMM Advisor of NMA
  12. Member:     Mr. Ang JP Lama – Former Secretary of NMA
  13. Member:     Mr. Pasang Dawa Sherpa – Welfare Committee Member of NMA

Associate Members:

  1. President of Trekking Agents’ Association of Nepal, Mr. Ramesh Damala
  2. President of Expedition Association of Nepal, Mr. Damber Parajuli
  3. Director of Nepal Tourism Board,
  4. President of Himalayan Rescue Association, Mr. DB Koirala
  5. President of NNMGA
  6. President of NMIA
  7. National Advisory Committee: Dr. Ganesh Gurung
  8. International Adviosry Committee: Mr. Ken Noguchi (Japan)

Currently the committee is working to investigate the best path forward and create sustainable systems for maintain and managing the MDRES Fund. This process includes consulting to find the best institutional strategy to manage the fund in an efficient, transparent and accountable way; reaching out to other organizations that have an interest in working with mountaineering victims to coordinate and ensure that there is minimal duplication of effort; consulting with experts on education and social welfare; working with the government to find sustainable systems of support for the MDRES fund; and establishing a long-term vision and plan for the NMA’s involvement in the welfare of all victims of mountaineering incidents. While the immediate focus is education and relief for the families of victims from Everest this, the MDRES Fund’s mission encompasses supporting Nepalis who are killed or injured in the course of working on any mountain within Nepal or abroad.

The committee members are establishing communication with each of the families of the mountaineers who died in the 18 April 2014 avalanche to consult about their individual needs and find the best way to support the school-aged children in continuing their education. For the time being, the families are being encouraged to have their children continue in the same schools for the academic year to minimize further disruption and psychological trauma. Over the course of this year, the NMA will work with families to assess their needs and plans for each child’s educational future and assess their other needs. For this fiscal year, the families will receive the following amounts per child as immediate relief:

Infants – Rs. 5000/month

Class 1 – Class 5: Rs. 5,000/month

Class 6 – Class 10: Rs. 7,000/month

Classes 10+2 – Bachelors level: Rs. 10,000/month

If you would like to support the MDRES fund to provide assistance to the children of the 16 victims of the April 2014 avalanche, and also support any future victims of mountaineering incidents, the account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Nabil Bank LTD
Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
Swift Code: NARBNPKA

Account Name: NMA-MDRES FUND
Account Number: 1501017500227

For any further inquiries about the MDRES fund, please contact NMA President and Convener of the MDRES Fund Management Committee Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa via


Details of the children of deceased mountaineers supported by NMA

S. N. Name of the children Father's Name Age Name of the school/College Grade Per month Cause of Death
Doma Khattri
Late Dorjee Khattri 20 Years Man Mohan Memorial 13  10,000.00
Fupu Lhamu Khatri
Late Dorjee Khattri 18 Years NCCS College 13  10,000.00
Pasang Chutin Sherpa
Lhakpa Tenji Sherpa 2 Month Not going school Infant 5,000.00
4 Nima Yangji Sherpa Chhering Wangchu Sherpa 4 Years Khumjung School Nursery 5,000.00
Nuru Wangchu
Then Dorjee Sherpa 4 Years Khumjung School Nursery   5,000.00
6 Urken Tshering Sherpa Tenjing Choter Sherpa 4 Month Not going school Infant   5,000.00
Da Tsheri Sherpa
Pem Tenji Sherpa 5 Years   Nursery  5,000.00
Furli Sherpa
Pem Tenji Sherpa 2 Years Not going school     5,000.00
Dolma Tamang
Ashman Tamang 11 Month Not going school     5,000.00
Mingma Tenjing
Pasang Karma Sherpa 2 Years Not going school Infant   5,000.00
Nima Laden Sherpa
Dorji Sherpa         5,000.00
        Total   65,000.00

Details of students getting support from NMA

S. N. Name of the children Father's Name Age Name of the school/College Grade Per month Cause of Death
Mingma Dolma Sherpa
Late Pemba Sherpa 6 Years Sypres Public High School UKG  5,000.00
Pasang Gyaljen Sherpa
Late Dendi Sherpa 10 Years Dudhkoshi Lower Secondary 2 class  5,000.00
Ang Pemba Sherpa
Late Dendi Sherpa 9 years Dudhkoshi Lower Secondary 1 class 5,000.00
Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
Late Dendi Sherpa 7 Years Dudhkoshi Lower Secondary Nursery 5,000.00
Pemba Chhewang Sherpa
Late Dendi Sherpa 4 Years Dudhkoshi Lower Secondary Nursery   5,000.00
Chhiring Dolma Sherpa
Late Dawa Chhiri Sherpa 2 Years   Infant   5,000.00
Jigme Chhiring Sherpa
Late Lhakpa Chhiring Sherpa 7 Years Golden Peak High School UKG  5,000.00
Karma Chhiring Sherpa
Late Lhakpa Chhiring Sherpa 2 Years Golden Peak High School Infant   5,000.00
Da Chhamba Sherpa
Late Pema Hissi Sherpa 10 years Manjughoksha Academy 4 class   5,000.00
Yangdi Lhamu Sherpa
Late Pema Hissi Sherpa 8 Years Manjughoksha Academy 1 class   5,000.00
Dali Sherpa
Late Pema Hissi Sherpa 4 Years Manjughoksha Academy Nursery   5,000.00
Namgel Jangbu Rai
Late Milan Rai 14 Years Khumjung Secondary School 9 Class   10,000.00
Tshering Doma Sherpa
Late Milan Rai 7 Years Khumjung Secondary School 1 class   5,000.00
Pemba Dorji Sherpa
Late Sona Sherpa 11 Years Pegasus English School 5 Class   5,000.00
Bikash Tamang
Late Purna Bahadur Tamang   Sambotta High School 10 Class   10,000.00
Dolma Tamang
Late Purna Bahadur Tamang   Sambotta High School 6 Class   7,000.00
        Total   92,000.00