April 2006

Nepal Mountaineering Association


Island peak visit- 6 April 2006

NMA Treasurer Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa visited Island Peak base camp on 6 April 2006. Following the issues mentioned in the Secretariat meeting and upon the request of NMA, he monitored climbing permits and status of the climbers currently present at the base camp. He also consulted with the local climbers regarding various obstacles at the base camp.

Photo exhibition on "Russian Alpinists- Nepali Friends" -15 April 2006

A photo exhibition titled " Russian Alpinists- Nepali Friends" was organized on 15 April 2006 in Royal Nepalese Embassy, Moscow to mark the completion of the 50th years of establishment of diplomatic relationship between Nepal and Russia. His Excellency Royal Nepalese Ambassador Hiranya Lal Shrestha and a senior Russian mountaineering instructor Mr. Anatoly Awasinnikov inaugurated the program by lighting the panas. The photographs related to Nepalese mountaineering were provided by NMA upon the request of His Excellency. Representative from Russian Mountaineering Federation welcomed the distinguished guests present on the occasion. His Excellency Mr. Shrestha proposed to carry out joint expedition of the both the countries on an unnamed virgin peak in Nepal, which is to be named Nepal-Russia Friendship Peak later.

Free entry- 16 April 2006

The NMA Secretariat meeting held on 16 April 2006 endorsed the decision of the IMM- committee to provide free entry to IMM for senior Nepalese citizens of 70 years old and above.

Financial assistance for IMM- 16 April 2006

NMA Treasurer, Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa informed NMA Secretariat Meeting about the receipt of US $ 10,000 from Yung-Ho Alpine Association, Taiwan, for the development of International Mountain Museum (IMM), Pokhara. NMA has appreciated and thanked Mr. Dragon Chang for his endeavor on this matter. NMA also expresses its gratitude towards Yung-Ho Alpine Association, Taiwan for the support to the development of IMM, Pokhara.

NMA welcome Royal Proclamation- 25 April 2006

The NMA Secretariat Meeting held on 25 April 2006 welcomed Royal Proclamation of His Majesty's the King on 24 April 2006.

Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse Golden Jubilee Celebration postponed- 25 April 2006

After consultation with concerned authorities, the NMA Secretariat Meeting held on 25 April 2006 has decided to postpone the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse scheduled for May 9, 2006 and May 18, 2006 respectively. The Golden Jubilee Celebration of Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse is rescheduled on December 11-13 2006 coinciding with the International Mountain Day, Mountaineering & Tourism Conference and Himalayan Tourism Mart 2006.

The NMA Secretariat Meeting held on 1 May 2006 decided to hold a symbolic celebration of Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse Golden Jubilee in May 2006.

NMA-Calendar- 30 April 2006

NMA published desktop calendar on the occasion of B.S. 2063. Complementary copies of the calendars are distributed to all our associate members and related institutions.

International Media visited IMM - 30 April 2006

A group consisting of five prominent journalists of International Media visited International Mountain Museum (IMM), Pokhara on 30 April 2006. NMA provided all the journalists free entry to IMM upon the special request from Nepal Tourism Board. NMA hopes that such kind of trip will be instrumental in promoting International Mountain Museum (IMM), Pokhara globally.

Financial Assistance - 1 May 2006

The NMA Secretariat meeting held on 1 May 2006 decided to deposit Rs.15,001 in Janaandolan Primary Treatment Fund.

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