July 2006

Nepal Mountaineering Association


Condolence- 2 July 2006

A condolence message was sent to Embassy of Japan, Japanese Mountaineering Association, Japan Alpine Club and Japan Workers' Alpine Federation on the untimely demise of Ex-Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto on 1 July 2006. His contribution in the establishment of International Mountain Museum (IMM) and other mountaineering activities of NMA is exemplary and memorable one. He was Honorary General Leader of the Tri National Friendship Expedition 1998 Qumolangma- Sagarmatha Expedition.

Similarly, NMA also sent a condolence message to the family of Rene'de Milleville for his demise on 25 May 2006. He played a great role in drawing trekking maps of NMA peaks and supported IMM program in Pokhara all along.

Central Executive Board Meeting- 4 July

The Central Executive Board Meeting held on 4 July endorsed the Progress Report of 2061/2062 and Program & Policies 2063/2064 to be presented by General Secretary in the Annual General Assembly. Similarly, the meeting also endorsed the Auditor's Report of 2061/ 2062 and the budget for 2063/2064 to be presented by Treasurer in the Annual General Assembly.

The meeting also instituted a committee under the convenership of Chief Advisor of NMA Dr. Harka Gurung to select the name for the recipient of Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah Pratibha Puraskaar-2006 and Dawa Norbu Sherpa Parbatiye Paryatan Patrakarita Puraskaar -2006. Hon'ble Ms. Yankila Sherpa, Prof. Soorya Lal Amatya, Mr. Gopal Budhathoki and Ms. Prami Shrestha are all members of the committee.

The meeting also decided to felicitate the top three associated members of NMA for issuing the highest number of permits in the fiscal year 2062/063 in the Annual General Assembly. The names of the three associated members are: (1) Thamserku Trekking P Ltd. (2) Summit Nepal Trekking P Ltd. & (3) International Trekkers P Ltd. But as per the decision of Central Executive Board Meeting on 26 July 2006 decided to felicitate top ten highest peak seller.

Press Conference- 5 July 2006

NMA held press conference on 5 July 2006 at Reporters' Club to clarify in some of the pertaining issues regarding the last Election of Central Executive Committee, General Membership, Audit Report and Statute of NMA

Farewell bid- 7 July 2006

NMA IInd Vice President Mr. Bhumi Lal Lama and Secretary Mr. Narhari Bhandari bid a farewell to the three instructors Mr. Lakpa Sherpa, Mr. Lam Babu Sherpa and Mr. Dorjee Sherpa. They are participating in the Instructor Upgrade Course carried out by Yves Pollet Villard Foundation (YPVF) France, from 8 July 2006 to 6 August 2006. NMA has provided travel expenses of U.S. $ 500 to each instructor and wishes them success.

Cleaning campaign in Annapurna Area- 10 July 2006

NMA Executive Board Members Mr. Sarki Tamang along with Mr. Diwas Pokhrel in association with UNITRAV carried out cleaning campaign in Annapurna area from 26 June 2006 to 10 July 2006. During the campaign, some timely changes were made in the notice board instituted in the Annapurna Area to discourage the illegal climbing. Mr. Pokhrel and Mr. Tamang informed that the awareness about the mountain environment in the local people has significantly increased in the recent years. The cleaning team also exchanged views with locals regarding fragile mountain environment. The cleaning campaign team suggested NMA that mobilization of local people is essential to control illegal climbing of which they were aware of and to help upgrade the mountain environment. This program was conducted successfully and this is annual program of NMA.

Central Executive Board Meeting- 14 July 2006

The Central Executive Board Meeting held on 14 July 2006 welcomed new representative of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Mr. Khadananda Dhakal to the Executive Board of NMA.

The Statute Preparatory Committee presented the draft of the Statute. The new points to be included were thoroughly discussed upon and few revisions were made.

The meeting decided to call an Extra-ordinary Special General Assembly on 15 August 2006 to amend the Statute of NMA 2047 (53/59) at 4:00 pm at Hotel Hyatt, Boudha.

First Sagarmatha Tourism Coordination Forum Meeting- 14 July 2006

NMA Treasurer Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa attended the meeting of First Sagarmatha Toruism Coordination Forum held on 14 July 2006. The forum thoroughly discussed on the Sagarmatha Tourism Management Issues and developed an action plan that includes management strategies, activities and developed framework for responsible organizations of member's list in the forum and its operational procedure.

General Assembly, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Annapurna Chapter, Pokhara- 16 July 2006

NMA President led a visiting team to Pokhara to attend the General Assembly of Annapurna Chapter held on 16 July 2006. NMA IInd Vice President Mr. Bhumi Lal Lama, Executive Members- Dr. Hari Shrestha, Mr. R. P. Pant, Mr. Bijay Gurung, Mr. Nawang Nima Sherpa accompanied him. Annapurna Chapter felicitated NMA President Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa as a Special Felicitated Personality for his contribution in the completion of the first phase of the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara. NMA, Annapurna Chapter also felicitated wives of late Mr Iman Gurung, the Chief Instructor of NMA. And also supported with Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand) as a financial assistance to the family of late Gurung.

Structural Reform of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)-18 July 2006

General Secretary Mr. Deebas Bickram Shah, Secretary Mr. Narhari Bhandari and Treasurer Mr Ang Kaji Sherpa in the absence of President, Ist Vice President and II nd Vice President participated in the interaction program of NTB, to discuss upon the structural reform of NTB. An immediate Executive Board Meeting was called at 8:00 am very morning and discussed upon the structure and policies reform of NTB in NMA, to participate in the interaction program of NTB at 9:00 am in the NTB. All the participants had more or less same areas identified that need to be developed in the NTB. NTB's working procedure domestically and internationally has to be strengthened so that it covers broader area globally, an ad-hoc executive committee comprising of all national level tourism organizations should be formed was suggested by NMA to NTB.

Interaction- 21 July 2006

An interaction program was held on 21 July 2006 to discuss upon the revised statute of NMA to be amended in the Extra-ordinary General Assembly on 15 August 2006. NMA Advisory Committee, NMA Executive Board Member and Statute Preparatory Committee participated in the interaction program. After the inclusion of some points raised, the need for further revisions were recognized in the statute. The final revised statute was to be completed and presented in the Central Executive Board Meeting on 26 July 2006.

Farewell bid to ENSA Trainees- 23 July 2006

NMA President Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa gave a warm departure to three students participating in the mountaineering course conducted by ENSA in Chamonix, France. The duration of training is from 24 July 2006- 16 August 2006. The three students are Mr. Tendi Sherpa, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Gurung and Ms. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa. Vice President

Mr. Bhumi Lal Lama, General Secretary Mr. Deebas Bickram Shah, Treasurer Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa, Member and Co-convener of Training & Expedition Committee Mr. Nawang Nima Sherpa were present in the program. President Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa urged them to do well in the training and use their skill for the development of the mountaineering in Nepal. The three students expressed gratefulness towards NMA for providing them an opportunity to learn mountaineering course at ENSA. This is annual program of NMA.

NMA-President giving a warm sent-off to the students

Ms. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
Mr.Tendi Sherpa
Mr. Krishna Bahadur Gurung

Delhi visit- 24 July 2006

As per the decision of Secretariat Meeting of NMA on 13 July 2006, 2nd Vice President Mr. Bhumi Lal Lama and General Secretary Mr. Deebas Bickram Shah participated in the felicitation program organized by Himalayan Environment Trust, India, to honor Capt. M. S. Kohli for the completion of 50 years of unconditional support and involvement in the promotion of the Himalayas. Mr Lama presented Mr. Kohli with the Plaque of Appreciation and in his remarks, praised him for generous support for the promotion of the entire Himalaya.

Central Executive Board Meeting- 26 July 2006

The Central Executive Board Meeting held discussion on the final draft of the statue of NMA to be presented in an Extra-ordinary General Assembly. After having extensive discussion, the meeting endorsed the statute. Similarly, the meeting also endorsed the Progress Report of fiscal year 2062 / 063 and the Auditor's Report of fiscal year 2062 / 2063 to be presented by General Secretary and Treasurer respectively in the upcoming AGM.

The meeting also decided to confer honorary members to some foreign nationals for their contribution in the promotion of mountaineering worldwide.

  • Mr. Maurice Herzog, First Summiteer to climb peak above 8000m-Mt. Annapurna, 3 Jun 1950
  • Mr. Helmut Heuberger, Member, Austrian Expedition - Mt Cho-Oyu., 19 Oct 1954
  • Mr. Peter Habler, Climbed first Mt. Everest without oxygen with Senor Reinhold Messner
  • Mr. Geroge Band, First Kanchenjunga Summiteer, 25 May 1955
  • Mr. Tony Streather, Kanchenjunga Summiteer, 26 May 1955
  • Mr. Ernst Reiss, First Lhotse Summiteer, 18 May 1956
  • Mr. Minoru Higeta, Manaslu Summiteer, 11 May 1956
  • Mr. Tadao Kanzakai, Japan Mountaineering Association
  • Mr. Wolfgang Nairz, Alpin Consult
  • Mr. Henry Sigarette, Advisor, International Mountaineers' Memorial Park

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