September 2015

Nepal Mountaineering Association


MoU Signing Ceremony Between Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA): 3rd Sep

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) signed Memorandum of Understanding on 3rd September 2015 in presence of its board members of NMA and advisors. Media friends, representatives from travel related organizations and representatives from NRNA were also present in the program.

The MoU signing program was initiated formally with the warm welcome speech from General Secretary of NMA, Mr. Thakur Raj Pandey. Dr. Ganesh Gurung, Advisor of both NMA and NRNA shed light on the background of agreement and hoped that the agreement will be the first step for the both organizations to work for the development of mountain tourism locally and globally. After his speech, President of NMA, Mr Ang Tshering Sherpa and President of NRNA, Mr. Shesh Ghale signed the MoU which comes into effect from 3rd September 2015 and valid up to 31st December 2014. Second Vice President of NMA, Mr Deebas Bikram Shah and Mr. Sishir Bhatta, on behalf of NRNA too signed on the MoU as witnesses.

Highlights of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

NRNA agrees to perform following tasks:

Clause 1: NRNA will conduct various activities to promote Nepal's mountain tourism though its' National Coordination Councils located in various countries. All NRNA National Coordination Councils (NCC) will be mobilized to promote Nepal’s tourism. Activities will be finalized through a workshop between NRNA and NMA officials.

Clause 2: In order to promote mountain tourism of Nepal, NRNA will conduct a competition among NRNA families to bring more tourists in Nepal and NMA will provide an award for this. Award will be given every year. A certain criteria will be jointly prepared for it.

Clause 3: NRNA agrees to promote the activities of NMA on its brochures, websites and other promotion materials.

Clause 4: NRNA agrees to explore possibility to organize joint expedition on one of the peaks managed by NMA and they agree to borne the cost mutually for the expedition.

Clause 5: NRNA will lead to organize photo exhibition abroad and NRNA and NMA will be liable to pay to the contributors of photos if required.

Clause 6: NRNA will organize NRNA day on 11 October 2015.To mark the occasion, an interaction program with the theme of Earthquake and Tourism Revival in Nepal will be organized in presence of local tourism entrepreneurs and mountaineers.

Clause 7: NRNA agrees to promote NMA's International Mountain Museum, Pokhara through its network. As a first step, during International General Assembly (IGA) of NRNA in October, familiarization trip will be organized for the participants of its global conference.

Clause 8: NRNA will support NMA’s International Mountain Hospital which is to be constructed soon, by providing foreign medical doctors, nurses, medicines, medical personnel's and equipments.

NMA agrees to perform following tasks:

Clause 1: Jointly organize separate session on mountain tourism in October 2015 conference. For this, NMA will pay up to Rs. 200,000 which will be paid directly to hotel.

Clause 2: NMA will provide technical support for the joint expedition and even manage short term trainings for the participants from NRNA in the joint expedition. Some of the expenses of the expedition will be paid by NMA and this will be agreed mutually and is to be finalized in the planning workshop.

Clause 3: NMA will assist in coordinating with mountaineers, alpine clubs of the respective countries, and photographers for the collection of photos for the exhibition.

Clause 4: NMA will coordinate with tourism entrepreneurs and mountaineers from Gorkha/Pokhara region for NRNA Day 2015.

Clause 5: NMA will provide complimentary tickets to NRNA members for the entry at International Mountain Museum, Pokhara.

Clause 6: NMA will provide award to winners of NRNA tourism promotion competition.

25th Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 14th Sep:
25th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) was held on 14th September 2015 at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. The chief guest for the program was Hon'ble Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Kripasur Sherpa. High level government officials, NMA advisors, representative from tourism related organization, tourism entrepreneurs along with general members were present in the program. The program observed one minute slience in the memory of the demise of all mountaineers and those who lost their life on earthquake. Welcome speech delivered by Ist Vice President Mr. Santa Bir Lama was followed by the inaugural program which was done by watering the plant by the chief guest. After inaugural program Hon'ble Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Kripasur Sherpa expressed his views regarding NMA and its role in development and promotion of mountaineering tourism in Nepal.

In the program the chief advisor Ms. Yankila Sherpa felicitated the following resource members for issuing the highest number of Climbing permit for NMA peaks during fiscal year 2071/72.

1) Summit Nepal Trekking - 1st
2) Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition - 2nd
3) Himalayan Ecstasy Pvt. Ltd. - 3rd
4) Himalayan Guides Nepal Trekking & Expedition - 4th
5) Mountain Monarch Adventure Pvt. Ltd. - 5th
6) Himalayan Glacier Trekking Pvt. Ltd. - 6th
7) Thamserku Trekking - 7th
8) Adventure Geo Treks (P) Ltd. - 8th
9) Unique Adventure International - 9th
10) Asian Trekking P. Ltd. - 10th
In the same program, NMA advisor Dr. Ganesh Gurug awarded Dr. Harka Gurung Mountaineering Award to Mr. Broyghton Coburn for his contribution for the development of He has been coming to Nepal since 40 years and written many books on the mountain tourism of Nepal. Some of his books are as follows:
  • Everest : Mountain without mercy
  • Triump on Everest : A Photo – Biography of Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Touching my Father's Soul – A Sherpa's Jouney to the top of Everest
  • Himalaya : personal stories of Grandeur, Challenge, and Hope
  • The Vast Unknown: America's First Ascent of Everest
  • Aama in America
  • Nepali Aama
And NMA advisor Mr. Buddhinarayan Shrestha awarded Dawa Norbu Mountaineering Journalist Award to Mr. Amrit Bhadgaunle for his continuous writings focused on different tourism destinations of Nepal. His article gives information about the destination including mode of transportation, equipments and clothes that should be carried with explanation on the pricing etc.

Along with this award distribution NMA also distributed the certificate to all participant of Assessment course which was conducted by NMA in partnership with PETZL Foundation. After the award ceremony 2nd Vice President Mr. Deebas Bickram Shah launched new web site of Nepal mountaineering Association.

During the program Society of Nepalese Architects (SoNA) announced the result of NMA Office Building design Competition. In the program NMA President Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa handed over the certificate and cash prize of Rs. 100,000/- to the winner and second and third prize of Rs 25,000/- . The lists of winner are as follow:
  1. Mr. & Ms. M.L. Kayastha Associate – First
  2. A-Not Architecture and Architects - Second
  3. D' Architects - Third
The first session of AGM also witnessed the remarks from Mr. Damber Parajulli, President of Expedition Operators Association and Mr. Ramesh Dhamala, President of Trekking Agency Association Nepal and General Secretary of NMA Mr. Thakur Raj Pandey expressed the vote of Thanks. And finally the Chair Person of the program and President of NMA Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa Concluded the first session by his thank you note.

In the second session of the meeting, General Secretary Mr Thakur Raj Pandey presented the progress report of the fiscal year 2071/2072 and Treasurer Tikaram Gurung presented the financial statement of the fiscal year 2070/2071 and 2071/72 along with the annual program with budget for the fiscal year 2072/2073. The general members deeply discussed in the presented programs and budget and questioned General Secretary, Treasurer and other members of Executive Board on some matters related with the budget. After thorough discussion, the general meeting endorsed all the plan-programs and budget. On the same program Treasurer informed that three proposal were received for Audit of 2072/73 financial details and among them S. Neupane & Associates was selected. Finally, IInd Vice President Mr. Deebas Bikram Shah thanked all the general members for their presence and assistance in approving the programs for the fiscal year 2072/2073.

Junko Tabei in Kathmandu to celebrate 40th year of ascent of Everest- 22nd Sep
On the occasion of completion of forty years of ascent of Everest by Junko Tabei, a special program was organized on 22 Sep in the capital to mark this august occasion. Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Mt. Everest came all the way from Japan to Nepal- her second home country. Her expedition's name was Japanese Women's Everest Expedition, which had 15 members and she became the first woman to climb Everest on May 16, 1975 from that team. Honb'le Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr. Kripasur Sherpa was the chief guest of the program. Personalities from different government sectors, representatives from different travel and tourism related organizations, Everest summiteers and many more also attended the program. President of Union of Alpine Association (UAAA) In Jeoung Lee and Ex-President of Japan Mountaineering Association (JMA) Tadao Kanzaki were also present in the program. On behalf of NMA, President; Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa handed her a certificate of appreciation for her special contribution for the development of Nepal's mountain tourism globally. Coincidentally, 22 Sep is her birthday and she celebrated her birthday on the same occasion. The renowned Japanese mountaineer, who came here with more than 35 Japanese trekkers to support the country’s tourism economy in the aftermath of devastating quake. Tabei appealed world climbers and visitors to come to Nepal as the country needed more tourists now than ever. She also mentioned Everest trekking route is all safe for visitors in the aftermath of April earthquake.

Courtesy Visit at IMM- 23rd Sep:
President of Union of Alpine Association (UAAA) In Jeoung Lee, Ex-President of Japan Mountaineering Association (JMA) Tadao Kanzaki and Ex-President of Chinese Taipei Mountaineering Association Dragon Chang paid a courtesy visit at International Mountain Museum (IMM), Pokhara on 24th September 2015. First Vice President of NMA; Convener of IMM, Mr. Santa Bir Lama , Second Vice President of NMA, Mr. Deebas Bikram Shah along with the IMM family gave them a warm welcome during their visit.

Press Conference at NMA Secretariat -24th Sep:
NMA organized a press conference to inform about 1st Nepalese Team on First Ascent in Rowaling on 24th September 2015 for their enthusiasm to complete exploring three peaks viz; Mt. Langdak(6220m), Mt. Raungsiyar(6224m) and Mt. Jabou RI(6152m). Theses peaks, located in Rolwaling region are newly opened by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Celebration of 36th World Tourism Day-27th Sep:
NMA participated on the procession organized on the occasion on 36 World Tourism day on 27 September 2015, Sunday with the slogan 1 Billion Tourists, 1 Billion Opportunities. The procession started from the Tridevi Marg, Thamel from 7.30am onwards.

On the special occasion of World Tourism Day NMA's largest project in Pokhara, International Mountain Museum (IMM) offered the free entrance for first 5 foreigners.