NMA’s take on revival and survival of Nepali tourism in the post-COVID period
July 19, 2022

The Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) invited the heads of the Nepali Tourism Umbrella Organizations on Tuesday to discuss the ideas to revive and survive the Nepali Tourism Sector in Post-COVID period.


President Nima Nuru Sherpa participated in the meeting on behalf of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and presented a roadmap regarding the same. 


He has categorically suggested the ministry with ideas to revive and survive Nepali tourism industry in the 

post-COVID period. ‘‘We are the custodians of the mountains. So, we have to work collectively to revive and survive the Nepali Tourism in post-COVID’, the president said in a meeting chaired by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Hon’ble Jeewan Ram Shrestha. 


Here are the suggestions put forth by President of Nepal Mountaineering Association (MMA) Mr. Sherpa at the meeting.


Regarding the lack of clarity in the policy and acts of Nepal.

  1. Mountaineering Tourism should be developed as a National Industry.
  2. The government should introduce a one door policy to streamline all the facilities regarding Mountaineering Tourism. 
  3. Government should allow the climbers to indulge other adventure sports such as paragliding and skiing from the mountains. This will help Nepal to develop Nepali mountains as a hub for the mountain and adventure sports. 
  4. Special policy and provision should be introduced to run a welfare fund for the children and family members of the mountaineers deceased during the time of expedition.
  5. The policy and provision should be introduced for providing treatment allowances to the wounded or retired mountaineers. 


Regarding unclimbed and unpromoted peaks of Nepal.

  1. Assign the NMA with the responsibility of promoting and managing unclimbed peaks of Nepal. (We still have 176 such unclimbed peaks between 5500-meters to 6500-meters height). This will not only help the country to earn foreign currency, the mountain workers of Nepal will also get an opportunity of employment.
  2. NMA is capable of promoting these unclimbed peaks globally using the international platforms it has such as UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) and UAAA (Union of Asian Alpine Association) and national alpine clubs of other Nations.
  3. The proper management for www.nepalhimalpeakprofile.org should be ensured for securing all the data and information regarding the peaks of Nepal. 


Lack of training for the Mountain workers.

  1. Timely revision should be done in the courses of all the training that the NMA conducts for the newcomers and experienced mountaineers.
  2. Nepal Mountaineering Association (MMA) is capable of producing its own expert trainer. However, the government should help the NMA to manage the cost of such training by providing financial support.
  3. The number of such training should be increased. To attract newcomers, they should only be charged with nominal fees.  


For the respect of National and International Climbers.

  1. The government should allocate a separate lobby in National and International airports for the mountaineers.
  2. The government should ensure the fast-track service to all the internationally famed climbers in all international airports of Nepal. 
  3. The government should allocate an adequate budget to install monuments of late mountaineers in International Mountaineers Memorial Park, Kakani and manage the park. 


Regarding the mountain cleaning campaign.

  1. A yearly work plan regarding peak cleaning should be prepared and brought to execution.
  2. A campaign should be launched to inform the companies, mountaineers, guides and locals about global warming and its adverse effect. 
  3. A series of dialogue should be arranged with the high-level government officials, ministers, lawmakers, policymakers, journalists and local governments for safeguarding our peaks from global warming and keeping it clean and natural.


Regarding the deployment of liaison officers.

  1. A viable mechanism should be set up to confirm the liaison officer traveling to the destination with the expedition team.
  2. The Ministry for Cultural, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) and Department of Tourism (DoT) should establish a contact office at the base camps of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Manaslu at least during the expedition session with at least six staff.
  3. Insurance policy should be amended. The single insurance should be validated for all expeditions for 90 days within the country. 


Regarding the Mountain Guides license issues, 

  1. The issues can be settled through a dialogue with all the concerned parties and NMA can initiate it.
  2. The Mountain Guide Licenses should be categorized on the basis of training, expedition and the experience they have achieved. 


Regarding stopping faking summit.

  1. NMA can help the government comprehensively to stop the act of faking summits if it is entrusted with the responsibility. 
  2. We can also deploy a separate team at the base camp to monitor such acts.
  3. The country is losing millions of dollars due to the act of faking summits. So, we need to work urgently to stop such activities.



  • Nepal Mountaineering Association