A Triathlete Santosh Rai makes a donation for the education of mountaineers’ orphans
February 24, 2022

Mr. Santosh Rai, a triathlete from Dharan made a donation of three lakhs nine hundred (Rs. 3,09,000) for the education of mountaineers’ orphans.

Amid an event organized at Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Secretariat, Nagpokhari Naxal Kathmandu, Mr. Rai handed over the cheque of the amount to the president of (NMA) Mr. Santa Bir lama. The amount will be added to the MDRES (Mountaineering Disaster Relief and Education Support) Welfare, established by NMA.

NMA is helping for the education of children of mountaineers through the MDRES fund, whose parents have succumbed to death while mountaineering. Currently 55 students are receiving scholarships from the fund.

A philanthropist player, who is currently living in the United Kingdom (UK) has collected the amount by organizing various events. 

‘‘I had collected the amount by organizing and participating in various events with the view of contributing for the special cause’’, Mr. Rai said, ‘‘I just happened to know about the NMA providing scholarships to the orphans of the mountaineers for their education. So, wanted to handed over the amount to NMA.’’ 

NMA president Mr. Lama thanked Mr. Rai and his team for the contribution. ‘‘We are still revealing the application asking for the scholarship. But, due to the lack of the fund, we are only able to help 55 such students. This could help us rising the numbers’’, President Lama said, ‘‘I on behalf of NMA would like to thank Mr. Rai and his team for the contribution.’’

The program was organized in the coordination of Himalayan Xtri Pvt. Ltd. Himalayan Xtri is also organizing an international invitation triathlon competition in March. The tournament will feature 50 players from 35 Countries. 

A multistage competition, the triathlon will involve 4-kilometer swimming, 180-kilometer cycling and 42-kilometer running. Top seeded players from Nepal will also participate in the competition.

The organizer hopes to contribute to the revival of the Nepali tourism industry damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘‘50 confirmed players will also bring another 50 people to help them during the competition. So, we hope this will help us revive the Nepali Tourism’’, Mr. Rickey Yonjan, Chief Executive Officer of Xtri Said, ‘‘This completion will also highlight the possibility of adventure tourism in Pokhara.’

NMA vice president Ms. Maya Sherpa, Secretary Mr. Tikaram Gurung, Secretariat Member duo Mr. Dipendra Pandey & Mr. Singi Lama, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kul Prasad Rai were also present at the event.