NMA and Kakani Rural Municipality to work together for upgrading IMMP
September 26, 2022

A gentle consensus has been reached between Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and local government representatives of Kakani, Nuwakot to collaborate for developing the International Mountaineers Memorial Park, Kakani (IMMP) as a new tourist destination.


In a formal discussion held today at NMA Secretariat Nagpokhari Naxal, both the parties expressed their concern regarding upgrading the park. NMA president Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa expressed his desire to develop IMMP as a new tourism destination. 


Chairperson of Kakani Rural Municipality Mr. Suman Tamang also stressed on collaboration between the NMA and Kakani Rural Municipality.


‘‘I have been involved in the development of IMMP from the very beginning. We are trying to develop it as a perfect memorial park for the renowned mountaineers. However, it has not been materialized’’, NMA president Mr. Sherpa said, ‘‘We wish to collaborate with local government to upgrade its condition.’’


‘‘We as the local government are also planning to develop it as a new destination of Kakani. We can do it better and bigger together’’, Chairperson Mr. Tamang said, ‘‘We are ready to collaborate with NMA. let's work together for the betterment of NMA, mountaineers and Kakani.’’


Honorable member of parliament (MP) representing from Nuwakot Mr.  Hit Bahadur Tamang also encouraged NMA and Kakani Rural Municipality to work together for the betterment of both sides.


‘‘We can garner international funding also through NMA. If NMA and Local governments embark in a partnership and work together, we can achieve what we want’’, MP Mr. Tamang further said, ‘‘I am also ready to contribute on behalf of my side. I will be supporting your planning of upgrading IMMP as a new destination in my every capacity.’’


NMA has been developing IMMP since 2054 BS receiving the 140 ropanies of land from the Government of Nepal in a lease. Six monuments of internationally famed mountaineers from Nepal and abroad have been built at IMMP including a statue of Mt. Everest summiter late Sakar Dahal ‘’Prakash’’.


NMA has also been holding discussions with its stakeholders regarding development of various infrastructures in IMMP including grass skiing, snow skiing, botanical garden, residential school for the children of deceased mountaineers. However, any concrete plans are yet to be furnished. 


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